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All About Make Waves Movement

The overnight retreat days will be filled with beach talks, including mental toughness skills to help increase self-confidence, achieve goals, and conflict management.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice their mental toughness while learning paddleboard skills, playing games and SUP yoga sessions.  The evening will allow participants to build connections with each other in the rec room or by the fire.



The Lodge

Located on Fern Lake with the backdrop of the Adirondack Mountains


The Beach

Short stroll to a private beach for all the SUP activites.

The Food

A full kitchen where meals will be prepared for participants and staff. Special dietary needs will be accommodated.


The Fun

Recreation area for participants to enjoy during their free time.


Adirondacks 2024

Girls' Empowerment Overnight Camp 

July 28th - August 2nd


Is paddle boarding experience needed?

No paddle boarding experience is needed. During the retreat there will be opportunities to learn paddle boarding basics if you are a beginner, or practice more advances skills if you have been on a board for years.

How should my daughter dress and what other attire should she bring?

Throughout the day we will be on and off the water.  It is encouraged that your daughter wear a bathing suit, shorts, t-shirt, and sandals.  Also, a visor or hat is encouraged to help protect her from the sun.  It is helpful for her to also have warmer clothes (long sleeves and pants) in case it is a cooler day. You will receive a list of items to pack as part of a pre-participation packet a few weeks prior to your camp start date.

What if my daughter has food allergies?

You will be asked to provide any allergy information as part of the participant profile packet.

What general water safety precautions are followed

While on the paddle board, participants are required to use a SUP leash (unless a specific activity does not allow for it). Participants are also encouraged to wear a lifejacket while on the water.

Does my daughter need to bring bedding?

Your daughter does not need to bring bedding.

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