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Make Waves

Empowered & Standing Up

Join our Self Love Challenge

Let's finish 2023 full of self love to start 2024 stronger. 

Upcoming Retreat


New York Overnight Retreat
Adirondack Mountains
Au Sable Forks, NY

July 21st - July 26th

In a place that inspires dreams we will build the skills to achieve them.

About Us

Empowered and Standing Up

"Use these skills everywhere, they aren't just for the pool!!!" This is when Kyrra realized she was sounding like a broken record. The only variation was pool, field, court, rink, etc.  driven by what athlete or team she was providing mental toughness training at the time to.  It finally dawned on her that much like how these skills aren't just for the pool, they also aren't just for athletes. It was during this epiphany that Make Waves was born. 
Based off of the amazing research conducted by Ruling Our Experiences (ROX) we know that girls are experiencing a "crisis of confidence". Their  research shows that girls report a significant decrease in confidence from 5th to 9th grade that usually doesn't return to pre middle school levels. 
Make Waves is a community and movement who's mission is to help support girls in increasing their confidence utilizing the same skills athletes use to strengthen their mental toughness. Make Waves hosts retreats; provides individual, team, and group coaching; and conducts educational presentations.


Guidance. Growth. Grit.

Make Waves is a program provided by Next Wave Performance. Check out all we do!!!

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